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The safety and security level of your residence or office completely depends on the type of locks and security system that you use. Locks have evolved from simple mechanical devices to high-end electronic gadgets that not only keep your belongings safe and secure but also do much more than that.  From sturdy, high-quality padlocks to smart, innovative locks, there are a plethora of lock varieties available in the market today. While most of the locks are the perfect blend of functionality and reliability, people still hold bigger faith in old, yet sturdy padlocks than those recent computerized locks.

Whatever be the type of lock, simple or high-end, small or big, old fashioned or latest, all locks can stop working or get repaired or just need maintenance one time or another. While there are a several locks and locksmith providers in Woodland Heights, MO, Woodland Heights MO Locksmith Store is a name that you can trust for all your locks and key-related problems.


We keep pace with the times

We strive hard to keep abreast the latest trends and technologies in the locksmith industry to stay ahead of our competitors. We offer periodic training sessions and workshops to our technicians to help them handle all types of old and latest locks and security system with ease.

We value customer’s time

Locksmithing work always requires timeliness and commitment. Because you may never know when you will face a lockout situation or require a lock repair and you will need a locksmith to attend to your request immediately. Woodland Heights MO Locksmith Store is 24/7 locks & locksmith firm that is equipped with a technician who work around the clock and fully-equipped mobile locksmith van to serve your request any time of the day.

The affordable locks & locksmith

Most of the time locksmiths are called in emergencies when people do not have time to get a complete background check of the locksmith firm. While there are various factors to choose a trustworthy locksmith firm, Woodland Heights MO Locksmith Store is the most reliable firm in Springfield that you can rely on for all locks and locksmith needs.


  • Woodland Heights MO Locksmith Store Woodland Heights, MO 417-355-8212Create or duplicate different types of keys
  • Repairs on locks, doors, cabinets, etc.
  • Install new locks
  • Install push bars
  • 24/7 locks & locksmith assistance
  • Garage door locks
  • Offers assistance to select appropriate security system
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Eviction locksmith services

Have a lock repair or a security up gradation? Get reliable locks & locksmith services from Woodland Heights MO Locksmith Store. Dial 417-355-8212